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The Home Microdermabrasion Kit

SKIN KRUSH® is microdermabrasion beauty tool designed to exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and more vibrant complexion. It works by using the double action of suction and crystals to gently exfoliate away dead dull skin cells from the top layers of the skin.

SKIN KRUSH® improves:

- Open pores

- Blackheads

- Uneven skin tone

- Oily skin

-  Light Scaring 

- Fine lines 

- Enhances  the absorption of skincare products

- Removes stubborn tan. 


How To Use

Follow these easy steps...

Who We Are

SKIN KRUSH® is an Irish company owned by nurses and best friends Jeanette Dunne and Sinead Gallagher. They are also the brains behind Renew Skin Clinic, one of Ireland’s award winning aesthetic clinics. We created SKIN KRUSH® so that everyone can enjoy great skin treatments that deliver results from the comfort of their own home.